Mattress Buying Tips

Do your homework. Not all mattress stores are the same. The average mattress shopper visits only 2 or less places before they buy. That is why these high priced retail stores are able to exist.

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Our Mattresses

40 different mattresses of the finest quality in stock and ready to be delivered.  Our factory direct strategy and low overhead keeps costs down.   Other stores simply cannot compete.

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Our Guarantee

If you purchase a mattress from us and then find a mattress that is comparable in price and quality for less money, your mattress is free. Our quality is better! We have the best quality for the money…

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Who We Are

Charleston Bedding displays and stocks all sizes of spring, gel foam and latex mattresses along with bed frames, pillows and sheets. We are Charleston’s only true local mom & pop factory direct mattress showroom. We offer the latest technology along with the very best quality material and construction.  We do all this at the lowest possible prices.  How?  By keeping overhead low and passing that on to our customers.  When you come to my showroom you will be talking with the owner, salesperson, manager and sometimes delivery man.  Our quality is just as good or better than the large retailers.  Our spring units are made by the same company that makes Simmons, Sealy and Serta and the other 200+ manufacturers that you have never heard of.  We use the highest quality foam available. We strive for top quality at low prices rather than simply low prices. My goal is to give you the best possible mattress at the best possible price. Come visit and let me educate you on what to look for in a quality mattress.

Why Don’t we carry Serta or Sealy?

We could however we would have to charge more money for less quality.  (Why don’t we carry Corsicana, Hampton & Rhodes, Serta or Spring Air)?  Because those mattresses are made with low construction costs.  That quality is not good enough for our customers!  I know mattresses and want to help my customers get the best quality possible! Read our BUYING TIPS page before you buy a mattress. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great mattress.  You are not going to believe how much your money will buy when you visit this mattress warehouse.  We offer the very best quality at less than half the price of Mattress Firm…..  which cannot begin to compete with us in price and quality.   Our mattresses are absolutely the finest available.  All I ask is that before you buy, visit our discount mattress showroom and let me show you what to look for in a quality mattress.  Come see for yourself. Read More

At Charleston Bedding our quality is better.  Our business model is to offer the very best quality mattresses at the lowest possible price.  My customer’s are not sheep that simply watch TV advertisements and then run out to purchase a new mattress (which ironically is exactly what the number one selling brand relies on).  No, my customer is going to do some homework before such a major purchase. My goal is to educate and inform regarding the latest technology in mattresses.   Please visit my warehouse to understand the difference in quality before you buy based on advertisements.

Since I opened my mattress warehouse years ago, several other mattress stores have opened here in Charleston.  All claim to have the best price.  The trend seems to be that large traditional high priced retail stores are phasing out and are being replaced by small independent stores.  This is a good thing.  However, please keep in mind that not all mattress stores offer the same product.  There are many opportunities available for mattress manufacturers to cut costs and allow for low pricing while quality suffers. It is important to me that my customers get their money’s worth.  Visit my warehouse before you buy, you will not be disappointed, I promise! CLICK HERE TO READ SOME REVIEWS

Richard Fowler, Charleston Bedding Owner

How are you able to offer better quality at such a low price?

  1. I keep my overhead low (No expensive advertising – No expensive retail location)
  2. I cut out the middle man (No corporate fees) – (No staff or salespeople)
  3. Volume (I sell a lot of mattresses through word of mouth which helps keep costs down)
  4. The other discount mattress warehouse in Charleston claims to be a local  “Mom & Pop” although they have about 10 locations in several States.   When You come to Charleston Bedding you are actually talking with the owner, manager and salesperson.  
  5. I can’t be beat!  (Come talk with a professional)


Queen Plush Mattress & Box sets $240 (390 coil count)